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                         identification of different types of clouds and clear-sky pixels 
                         in GOES-8 imagery. Based on full resolution images in five 
                         channels, thirteen different variables were designed for pixel 
                         identification. A clustering procedure ({"}dynamic cloud{"}) was 
                         used for determining 32 different classes of pixel environment, 
                         defined by respective 13-dimensional centroids. Results are 
                         coherent with usual two-dimensional analysis based on reflectance 
                         (channel 1) and brightness temperature (channel 4), while eleven 
                         remaining components could offer additional information. 
                         Hierarchical clustering of centroids suggests the existence of 
                         five main groups of scenes. The question about the minimal number 
                         of non redundant variables is analyzed by factor analysis of 
                         centroids. It is found that four variables would be enough for 
                         proper description of cloud and clear-sky fields, be: brightness 
                         temperature and texture in channel 4, texture in VIS channel, and 
                         difference between channels 5 and 4.",
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