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             abstract = "The Cerrado Biome in Brazil has a remarkable diversity of 
                         vegetation types and physical environments so endangered by the 
                         new trends in the country's economic development that it has been 
                         included in the Conservation International list of 25 biodiversity 
                         {"}hotspots{"} on Earth. The Cerrado Biome landscape diversity 
                         makes it a very puzzling subject for landscape ecology studies and 
                         remote sensing data are the best tool nowadays for land cover data 
                         survey. This work uses high-resolution black and white 
                         panchromatic aerial photos in an experiment to evaluate the 
                         possibilities of this data source for the cerrado physiognomic 
                         types identification and detection of human influences on the 
                         landscape pattern. The results show that many abuses might have 
                         being done with mapping works assumed correct by the simple fact 
                         that they use aerial photo coverage where an appropriate accuracy 
                         assessment work is not performed.",
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