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             abstract = "Geoprocessing has been used as an important tool in different 
                         subjects. An area that it has been very useful is the one focus on 
                         urban studies because it permits subside analysis directed to 
                         urban space dynamics. In this context, this paper describe the 
                         methodology used to map urban hollows in the city of S{\~a}o 
                         Jos{\'e} dos Campos, located at S{\~a}o Paulo state, that used 
                         Geoprocessing technology. The analysis considered the year of 
                         2000, and used Cidade Viva data base, organized by the 
                         Municipality Planning Secretary. Digital Aerial photography, 
                         obtained in 2000, available in the CD Rom Cidade Viva was, used to 
                         map the urban hollows, which was done by computer screen. In this 
                         sense, the methodology permitted to quantify and to map the object 
                         of this research (urban hollows) and to understand the process of 
                         maintaining them inside the city.",
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