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             abstract = "Empirical models designed to simulate and predict urban land use 
                         change are generally based on the utilisation of statistical 
                         techniques to reckon the land use change probabilities. In 
                         contrast to these methods, artificial neural networks arise as an 
                         alternative to assess such probabilities by means of 
                         non-parametric approaches. This work introduces a simulation 
                         experiment on urban land use change in which a supervised 
                         back-propagation neural network has been employed in the 
                         parameterisation of the simulation model. The thereof estimated 
                         spatial land use transition probabilities feed a cellular 
                         automaton (CA) simulation model, based on stochastic transition 
                         rules. The model has been tested in a medium-sized town in the 
                         midwest of S{\~a}o Paulo State, Piracicaba. A series of 
                         simulation outputs for the case study town in the period 1985-1999 
                         were produced, and statistical validation tests were then 
                         conducted for the best results, upon basis of a multiple 
                         resolution fitting procedure.",
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