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             abstract = "A theoretical analysis of the time dependent distribution of 
                         ionization in the low latitude ionosphere is performed by using a 
                         realistic dynamic computer model of the equatorial F region, with 
                         special interest in the vertical motions of the electron density 
                         profile at the magnetic equator. The time dependence of the F2 
                         peak height, at the magnetic equator, is governed primarily by the 
                         electromagnetic E x B plasma drift velocity. It is shown that, for 
                         special time periods during sunset and evening hours, when the 
                         height of the F layer is above threshold of 300 km, the apparent 
                         vertical displacement velocity of the F layer, inferred from 
                         ionosonde measurements, is the same as the vertical E x B plasma 
                         drift velocity, as determine from incoherent backscatter radar 
                         measurements, in the F region.",
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