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             abstract = "Cloud-to-ground lightning flash characteristics in the 
                         southeastern Brazil were determined during two months based on 
                         data obtained by two different lightning location systems. In 
                         December 1995, the data were obtained by a lightning positioning 
                         and tracking system (LPATS), version III, and in December 1997, by 
                         a new hybrid lightning location methodology combining 
                         time-of-arrival (LPATS) and direction-finding techniques (Impact 
                         sensors). The results indicate that the flash characteristics are 
                         quite different from 1995 to 1997, mainly for positive flashes. 
                         Although limited to the small data sample, we believe that the 
                         most differences are mainly due to differences in the systems. We 
                         suggest that other independent techniques should be used in order 
                         to evaluate the performance of such systems.",
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