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                         effect, computer software.",
             abstract = "The first Brazilian Satellite, one out of the family of three Data 
                         Collection Satellites -SCD, has been successfully operating as an 
                         automatic collector of environmental data acquired by a set of a 
                         Data Collection Platforms (PCD) distributed in the Brazilian 
                         territory. The data have been used by the scientific community for 
                         several applications and studies such as Tropical forest 
                         regeneration, ozone layer, greenhouse effect, drifting buoys and 
                         so on. Ms paper addresses the software system developed for the 
                         Data Collection Mission Center, on tasks of storing, processing 
                         and distributing environmental data transmitted by SCD1. The 
                         analysis and development of this software were oriented to fulfil 
                         the needs of both the Mission Center operators and the users of 
                         the environmental data. Techniques for designing user interface 
                         centered on user needs were applied.",
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