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             abstract = "Atmospheric combustion products from forest fires in the Brazilian 
                         Amazon and `Cerrado' regions during the dry season 
                         (July{\^{\i}}October)induce systematic deviations on the routine 
                         satellite techniques for the assessment of solar energy resource 
                         information. This study, based on clear-sky days, has shown model 
                         overestimations of the incoming solar radiation as high as 44. On 
                         the average, clear-sky model overestimation was four times larger 
                         than that found for clear-sky days in regions outside the 
                         biomass-burning season. A positive correlation between the 
                         combustion products of black carbon, total aerosols, CO, N2O, CH4, 
                         and the number of fire spots counted by the AVHRR sensor from the 
                         NOAA series satellites suggests a possible mechanism for the 
                         parameterization of these effects on the radiation transfer 
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