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             abstract = "The upper mesospheric airglow emissions, OI 557.7 nm, NaD 589.3 
                         nm, OH (6,2)and O2 atmospheric (0,1)band have been measured using 
                         a ground-based multichannel airglow photometer in the equatorial 
                         region, S{\~a}o Jo{\~a}o do Cariri (7S, 37W), Brazil. Good 
                         weather condition made it possible to study nocturnal and day to 
                         day variation of the emission rates continuously for more than 12 
                         days per month from January to December 1998. It is found that 
                         there are distinct 2- and 3.5-day period oscillations in the 
                         emission rates, those are most probably due to Rossby-gravity wave 
                         and Kelvin wave, respectively. The amplitudes of oscillation of 
                         the Kelvin wave are large in June and July, being 40 for OI5577, 
                         23 for O_2b (0,1) and 26 for OH(6,2).",
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