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             abstract = "The overall goal of this research is to provide better 
                         understanding and documentation of soil moisture and 
                         surface-atmosphere processes and to improve the initialization of 
                         the land-surface variables in the CPTEC SSiB-ETA coupled model 
                         across South America in general, and the Amazon Region in 
                         particular. This will be done by creating and using a South 
                         American Land Data Assimilation System (SALDAS)consisting of a 
                         two-dimensional array of uncoupled SSiB models, calibrated using 
                         appropriate field data from LBA and earlier studies. This array of 
                         land surface models will be forced by near-surface variables 
                         derived from the assimilation fields of the ETA model supplemented 
                         by real surface-based and remotely sensed observations of 
                         precipitation and radiation to the extent possible. In due course, 
                         observations gathered under the LBA program will be used for 
                         validation of the SALDAS modeled fields, where available. An 
                         initial priority in this study is to evaluate alternative sources 
                         of precipitation forcing data. This paper reports our early 
                         studies that are concerned with investigating the relative value 
                         of three alternative sets of precipitation forcing data, 
                         specifically, the precipitation fields used as initial condition 
                         in the CPTEC/ETA model (derived from the NCEP global model), the 
                         precipitation fields derived using the PERSIANN system 
                         (Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using 
                         Artificial Neural Networks)at the University of Arizona, and 
                         experimental NOAA/NESDIS precipitation estimates. These data are 
                         evaluated relative to daily rain gauge data from South America 
                         provided by several Brazilian agencies (CMCD/INPE, INMET, FUNCEME, 
                         LMRS/PB, ARN, DMRH/PE, SRHBA, CEPES and NMRH/AL)and compiled by 
                         CPTEC/INPE. Comparative statistics are reported for the three sets 
                         of potential forcing data relative to the rain gauge observations 
                         for the calendar year 2000.",
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