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             abstract = "Coating of steel surfaces with titanium films has been studied 
                         with the objective to protect them against corrosion, and to 
                         create an intermediate film for CVD diamond and TiN film 
                         deposition. In this work, the nucleation, growth mechanisms and 
                         microstructural formation of the titanium films deposited on 304 
                         stainless steel (304 SS) substrate are presented and discussed. 
                         The titanium films of variable thickness were obtained by vapour 
                         phase deposition produced by electron beam. The surfaces of these 
                         samples were observed by scanning electron microscopy. The cross 
                         sections of these samples were observed by using an atomic force 
                         microscope. The Ti film-304 SS interfaces were analyzed by X-ray 
                         diffraction. The results showed that titanium films have a 
                         columnar growth. The Ti film-304 SS interface had a residual 
                         compression stress at room temperature due to the interdiffusion 
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