author = "Loureiro, Geison and Leaney, Paul Gerard",
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             abstract = "This paper proposes a framework for the integrated development of 
                         space products. The framework is called `total view framework' 
                         because it provides the total set of product, process and 
                         organisation elements and their interactions from the outset in 
                         the development process. It uses systems engineering (SE)and 
                         concurrent engineering (CE)in an integrated manner, as part of the 
                         same framework. The framework extends the application of the SE 
                         process to life cycle processes and their performing organisations 
                         and applies CE at all levels of the hierarchical product breakdown 
                         structure. The `total view framework' is supported by a method, 
                         called `concurrent structured analysis method', that consists of 
                         the three analysis processes: requirements, functional and 
                         physical. These processes mirror the bulk of the SE process and 
                         are applied concurrently to product, process and organisations. 
                         The outputs of the method are requirements, functional attributes, 
                         physical attributes and the interactions among them. These outputs 
                         are then analysed using a clustering algorithm and a complexity 
                         metric based on cohesion and coupling shows the clustering 
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