author = "Felipe, Gislaine de and Prado, Antonio Fernando Bertachini de 
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             abstract = "In the present paper the swing-by maneuvers are studied under the 
                         model given by the three dimensional circular restricted 
                         three-body problem. This maneuver can be identified by five 
                         independent parameters: Vp, the magnitude of the velocity of the 
                         spacecraft at periapsis; y, the angle between the velocity vector 
                         at periapsis and the intersection between the horizontal plane 
                         that passes by the periapsis and the plane perpendicular to the 
                         periapsis that holds Vp; rp, the distance between the spacecraft 
                         and the celestial body during the closest approach; a the angle 
                         between the projection of the periapsis line in the x-y plane and 
                         the line that connects the two primaries; , the angle between the 
                         periapsis line and the x-y plane. A numerical algorithm to study 
                         this problem was build and used to generate several results.",
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