author = "Nobre, Paulo and Zebiak, Stephen E.",
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             abstract = "A coupled hybrid coupled ocean atmosphere model is developed and 
                         used to study the dependence of sea surface temperature anomalies 
                         (SSTA)internannual variability over the tropical Atlantic. The 
                         ocean component of the coupled model is a dynamical model for the 
                         tropical Atlantic, from GFDL/NOAA (MOM2). The atmospheric 
                         component of the coupled model is a statistical scheme based on 
                         cannonical correlation analyses (CCA), which uses SSTA over the 
                         tropical Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as the predictor field, and 
                         computes surface wind stress over the tropical Atlantic as the 
                         prognostic variable. The results show that while the coupled model 
                         over the Atlantic-only presents oscilations of the SSTA and wind 
                         stress fields that are dumped, thus reproducing previous results 
                         in the literature, the coupled model that includes the equatorial 
                         Pacific SSTA variability generates spatial and temporal modes of 
                         variability of SSTA over the tropical Atlantic which are similar 
                         to observations. It is concluded, thus, that an atmospheric bridge 
                         between the tropical Atlantic and equatorial Pacific Oceans is a 
                         likely mechanism to explain tropical Atlantic SSTA and wind stress 
                         interannual variability.",
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