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             abstract = "It is well known that most of the developing countries, including 
                         Brazil, are having difficulties meeting their energy and food 
                         needs. As an attempt to deal with such difficulties, Brazil has 
                         been making heavy investments in agriculture. In this context, 
                         crop forecasting systems play a major role as effective tools for 
                         agriculture related policy making. As a result, INPE (Brazilian 
                         Institute for Space Research)is engaged in a program that aims at 
                         the development of reliable accurate and timely forecasting 
                         systems for several crops, based on satellite data. With regard to 
                         energy, sugar cane has proved to be extremely important in alcohol 
                         production, and that is the reason why INPE has decided to start 
                         its program with the development of a sugar cane crop forecasting 
                         system. INPE's prior experience in estimating sugar cane acreage 
                         in the state of Sao Paulo, through visual interpretation of 
                         LANDSAT images, has encouraged such a decision. Other crops such 
                         as soybeans and corn will be considered in later developments. The 
                         crop production estimation will be attained through the 
                         independent estimation of acreage and yield. Satellite data will 
                         be extensively used in these systems: LANDSAT (3 and 
                         {"}D{"})images in the process of estimating crop acreage and, in 
                         addition to that, there exists a research effort to use data from 
                         meteorological satellite images which are relevant for estimating 
                         crop yield. A description of the system and the results already 
                         obtained will be presented.",
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