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             abstract = "The main objective of this work is to exoplore the potential of a 
                         computer systm to simulate the human subjective capacity of 
                         estimating the third dimension from two dimensional images. The 
                         paper decribes some details of an stereo matching system 
                         currenthly being implemented. The theoretical foundations of the 
                         model are based on the Marr-Poggio model for human stereo vision. 
                         The paper comments the system modules and the data structures for 
                         this particular implentation, using the C language. some datails 
                         of the implemantation are imposed by the specific application area 
                         for which the system is intended. A special device for 
                         representing and processing the images called SITIM (interactive 
                         system of image processing), developed at INPE, is used. Problems 
                         arising from the horizontal and vertical disparity nalysis are 
                         discussed. A study of the applicability of this kind of processing 
                         to remote sensing is presented. Comments about the issuing of this 
                         kind of system in real world problems are also included.",
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