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             abstract = "noaa 8/9 FULL RESOLUTION (1 Km)satellite images of the Amazon 
                         region were recorded during july and August 1985. The number of 
                         biomass burning fires and the area covered by smoke plumes 
                         increased significanty whit the transition from the wet to the dry 
                         season. Extremes variede from 3 plumes with 3,750 km2 of smoke for 
                         the first image to 45 plumes with 65,000 km2 of smoke at the last 
                         image. Concentrations of particulate matter and gases measured by 
                         the GTE/ABLE-2A experiment a few hundred kilometers away indicated 
                         the long range transport of the plumes. Preliminary trajectory 
                         analysis of the plumes corroborated their transport.",
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