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                         mapeador tem{\'a}tico (Landsat), imagens de radar, floresta 
                         tropical, imagens Landsat, Sythetic Aperture Radar (SAR), radar 
                         geology, Amazon region, imagem de rdar, gamma rays, spectrometers, 
                         tropical forest (thematic mappers (Landsat), Landsat imagery.",
             abstract = "Theis research focuses on the integration on Synthetic Aperture 
                         Radar (SAR)(C-HH airborne, JERS-1, ERS-1)with Landst TM and 
                         airborne gamma ray (total count, uranium, and thorium)data for 
                         geological mapping in Carajas Province, Brazil. The area is 
                         related to an Archean shear belt, with metasediments, 
                         metavolcanies, gneisses, and granulites. Anorogenic granites with 
                         Middle Proterozoic ages are scattered throughout the study area. 
                         The vegetation is typical of tropical upland rain forest. Radar 
                         and Landsat TM produce enhanced images closely related to 
                         geobotanical associations. Radar and gamma channels show the 
                         relationships between terrain morphology and bedrock 
                         radioactivity, good indicators of structures, Ethological units, 
                         rock types, and hydrothermal metasomatism processes. The research 
                         emphasizes the practical importance of using SAR integrated 
                         products for geological mapping in the Amazon Region when airborne 
                         geophysical data are available.",
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