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                         based on the airborne C-band SAR. High-resolution data were 
                         acquired under dual polarization and three different 
                         configurations. Wide mode was used to cover the Province and Nadir 
                         and Narrow modes were flown over mineralized areas. The objective 
                         of the research is to test the capability of SAR airborne data in 
                         various configurations (polarization, incidence and azimuth 
                         angles)to differentiate lithostratigraphic units, geological 
                         strctures, rain forest vegetation classes aiming at geobotanical 
                         applications and to characterize mining activities. First results 
                         have shown that illumination geometry is a critical parameter in 
                         the extraction of geological information while dual polarization 
                         is important for thecharacterization of mining activities and 
                         goebotanical association related to iron deposits.",
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