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             abstract = "Satelite imagery can be a powerful tool for identification of 
                         deforested areas, often providing reliable classification of the 
                         earth surface. The aim of this paper is to identify and to 
                         characterize the age of tropical secondary forests in a test site 
                         near Tapajos Nstional Forest, located on the south of Santarem 
                         city, Para State, Brazil, using a time series of Landsat/TM 
                         images. The Landsat/TM images from 1986 to 1992 were 
                         co-registered, segmented and classified into several classes of 
                         land cover. These thematic images were superposed in a GIS and, 
                         using logical (Boolean)operations, a stages of regeneration map 
                         was generated. The stages of regeneration classes were defined as 
                         areas with recent activies, areas with different stages of 
                         secondary vegetation (varying from one to six years of 
                         regeneration), old secondary forest (more than six years old), and 
                         primary forest. It was observed that there is a functional 
                         relationship between the stages of the classified secondary 
                         vegetation and the normalized difference vegetation index 
                         (NDVI)using the bands 3 and 4 of the Landsat/TM images. It was 
                         concluded that the use of time series of optical images can be a 
                         valuable tool for determining the evolution of secondary tropical 
                         forests, providing that image acquision is possible at least once 
                         a year.",
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