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             abstract = "To assess seasonal changes in phytoplanktonic chlorophyll 
                         distributions in Amazon floodplain lakes, a linear mixing model 
                         was applied to Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer 
                         (MODIS) reflectance data acquired at four river stages: rising 
                         (April), high (June), decreasing (September), and low (November). 
                         The study area is located in a floodplain reach from Parintins 
                         (Amazonas) to near Almeirim (Par{\'a}). A three-end-member mixing 
                         model designed to uncouple three fractions [high suspended 
                         inorganic matter (ip), low inorganic suspended matter (w), and 
                         high chlorophyll a (Chl)] was tested in Lake Curua{\'{\i}} 
                         (1.5S 55.43W) based on field sampling done almost concurrently 
                         with satellite overpasses. During high water, phytoplankton 
                         patches are confined to lakes closer to terra firme under the 
                         influence of clear water inflow, whereas during the low and 
                         decreasing water stages, the patches are more evenly distributed 
                         over the floodplain.",
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