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                         EuTe at low temperatures and high magnetic fields were 
                         investigated. The samples were grown by MBE on BaF2 substrates, 
                         and the thickness varied in the 0.18-2.0 mu m range. At high 
                         magnetic fields, the well-known 4f(7) -> 4f(6)5d(t(2g)) optical 
                         transition splits into two well resolved lines at sigma(+) and two 
                         lines for sigma(-). These lines can be described by localized 
                         transitions tunable by the d - f exchange interaction, with a 
                         quadratic dependence on the intensity of the external magnetic 
                         field. Comparative measurements of the magnetization and the 
                         optical absorption as a function temperature provides a further 
                         test of the model of a localized excitation extending over a few 
                         lattice sites.",
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