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                         vertical profiling of the structure parameter C-m(2) and of the 
                         outer scale L-0 of absorption fluctuations and of the horizontal 
                         wind velocity (vector) during daytime by the analysis of solar 
                         transmission measurements. The method is relatively simple and 
                         straightforward so that the presented (or a similar) technique 
                         could be used in the routine remote sensing of daytime C-m(0), 
                         L-0), and wind profiles. It requires multiple beams pointing in 
                         different directions at the Sun. The retrieved profiles are 
                         consistent with the current knowledge of atmospheric physics. 
                         Simultaneous in situ wind velocity measurements agree with the 
                         retrieved wind velocity in the lowest 100 m above ground within 
                         the measurement uncertainties of less than +/-2 m/s. The derived 
                         values of C-m(2) at 200 m above ground are in good agreement 
                         (within a factor of 1.5) with the findings of an earlier 
                         investigation at the same test site. Finally, it is shown that 
                         irradiance fluctuations of millimeter and submillimeter waves are 
                         dominantly affected by humidity fluctuations, even at a dry and 
                         elevated site. (C) 2005 Optical Society of America.",
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