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             abstract = "Doped diamond films have been deposited on carbon fibers (felt) 
                         obtained from polyacrylonitrile at different levels of boron 
                         doping. For a successful coating of the fibers, an ultra sonic 
                         pretreatment in a bath of diamond powder dissolved in hexane was 
                         required. Films were grown on both sample sides, simultaneously, 
                         by hot filament-assisted chemical vapour deposition technique at 
                         750 degrees C from a 0.5% H-2/CH4 mixture at a total pressure of 
                         6.5 x 10(3) Pa. Boron was obtained from H-2 forced to pass through 
                         a bubbler containing B2O3 dissolved in methanol. The doping level 
                         studied corresponds to films with acceptor concentrations in the 
                         range of 6.5 x 10(18) to 1.5 x 10(21) cm(-3), obtained from 
                         Mott-Schottky plots. Scanning electron microscopy analyses 
                         evidenced fibers totally covered with high quality polycrystalline 
                         boron-doped diamond film, also confirmed by Raman spectroscopy 
                         spectra. Diamond electrodes grown on carbon fibers demonstrated 
                         similar electrochemical behavior obtained from films on Si 
                         substrate, for ferri/ferrocyanide redox couple as a function of 
                         boron content. The boron content influences electrochemical 
                         surface area. A lower boron concentration provides a higher growth 
                         rate that results in a higher surface area. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V 
                         All rights reserved..",
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