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             abstract = "Surface processing of tools and other industrial components was 
                         carried out by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) for the 
                         improvement of their tribological properties and consequently to 
                         reach their prolonged lifetime. Tools made of different types of 
                         steels, mainly for the production of rivets, had their lifetime 
                         extended for up to 70 times, reducing cost and improving 
                         productivity in a mass producing line. Metallic samples used in 
                         components for prosthesis (CrNiMo) showed improvements in hardness 
                         of up to 250% after nitrogen PIII while non-conducting polymer 
                         used also for prosthesis component (UHMWPE) was hardened 
                         significantly due to the formation of a DLC layer in the treated 
                         surface. Tungsten carbide tools were also nitrogen PIII processed 
                         which resulted in some improvement in their lifetime but more 
                         importantly in excellent surface finishing of the produced Ti 
                         parts for dental implants. Steel samples made from H13 alloy 
                         showed successful PIII implantation profile (up to depths of 18 
                         um) and improved hardness of a factor of two was obtained. These 
                         results for H13 steel point toward successful applications in 
                         molds and other industrial components.",
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