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             abstract = "Experiments comparing nitrogen ion implantations in Al5052 by beam 
                         and plasma immersion were carried out. Beam implantation (BI) was 
                         carried out using a 100 keV, high current beam implanter while the 
                         plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) was obtained using a glow 
                         discharge plasma source coupled to a pulsed high voltage supply. A 
                         nitrogen BI dose of 5  1017 cm2 at 100 keV was attained with near 
                         Gaussian implantation profile while the PIII was performed until 
                         we reached similar doses with a maximum energy of 15 keV. 
                         Implantation profiles were obtained by Auger electron spectroscopy 
                         (AES). X-ray diffraction (XRD) indicated the formation of AlN in 
                         both cases but it was more clearly demonstrated by high resolution 
                         AES. For BI treatment, a buried AlN layer was achieved while for 
                         PIII, a layer of AlNxOy close to the surface was seen. Due to the 
                         high temperature reached in the PIII processing (400 C), a 
                         softening of the Al5052 bulkresulted while for BI processed 
                         samples with <200 C an increase in hardness was observed.",
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