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             abstract = "An all-sky CCD imager capable of measuring wave structure in the 
                         airglow OH, O2 and OI (557.7 nm) emissions was operated in the 
                         equatorial region at S{\~a}o Jo{\~a}o do Cariri (Cariri), Brazil 
                         (7S, 36W), in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de 
                         Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE). Occurrence of mesospheric bore events 
                         was studied using the data from September 2000 to September 2002. 
                         Sixty-four bore events were detected during the observation 
                         period. Most of the bores showed the complementary effects 
                         suggested by Dewan and Picard [E.M. Dewan, R.H. Picard, 
                         Mesospheric bores. Journal of Geophysical Research 103, 62956305, 
                         1998], except in a few cases where the relative variations were 
                         inconsistent with this model.",
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