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             abstract = "The Schenberg gravitational wave detector is almost completed for 
                         operation at its site in the Physics Institute of the University 
                         of S{\~a}o Paulo, under the full support of FAPESP (the Sao Paulo 
                         State Foundation for Research Support). We have been working on 
                         the development of a transducer system, which will be installed 
                         after the arrival of all the microwave components and the 
                         completion of the transducer mechanical parts. The initial plan is 
                         to operate a CuAl6% two-mode parametric transducer in a first 
                         operational run at 4.2 K with nine transducers and an initial 
                         target sensitivity of h \∼ 2  10\−21 Hz\−1/2 
                         in a 50 Hz bandwidth around 3.2 kHz. Here we present details of 
                         this plan and some recent results of the development of this 
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