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                         1947-2002 indicated that the ratios (maximum/minimum) of the solar 
                         cycles 19-23 were low (similar to1.2) in the upper chromosphere 
                         and lower corona (frequencies near 15 000 MHz), rose to maximum 
                         levels of similar to3.5 in the middle corona (frequencies similar 
                         to2000 +/- 500 MHz), and dropped thereafter to similar to2.5. In 
                         some cycles, there were two maxima separated by about 2 years. In 
                         cycles 20 and 23, mostly the second maximum was larger than the 
                         first maximum, but in cycles 21 and 22, some parameters showed the 
                         first maximum larger while others showed the second maximum 
                         larger. There was no systematic shift from first maximum to second 
                         maximum, with frequency or temperature (or altitude).",
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