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             abstract = "Nitrogen ions were implanted by plasma immersion in Kapton, Mylar 
                         and polypropylene, with the objective of forming a diamond-like 
                         carbon layer on these polymers. The Raman spectrum of the 
                         implanted polypropylene showed typical Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) 
                         graphite (G) and disorder (D) peaks, with an sp(3)/sp(2) 
                         hybridization ratio of approximately 0.4 to 0.6. The XPS analysis 
                         of the three implanted polymers also showed peaks of C-C and N-C 
                         bonds in the sp(3) configuration, with hybridization ratios in the 
                         same range as the Raman result. The implanted polymers were 
                         exposed to oxygen plasma to test the resistance of the polymers to 
                         oxygen degradation. Mass loss rate results, however, showed that 
                         the DLC layer formed is not sufficiently robust for this 
                         application. Nevertheless, the layer formed can be suitable for 
                         other applications such as in gas barriers in beverage containers. 
                         Further study of implantation conditions may improve the quality 
                         of the DLC layer.",
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