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             abstract = "We report the detection of a nonthermal hard X-ray component from 
                         Sco X-1 based on the analysis of 20-220 keV spectra obtained with 
                         the High-Energy X-Ray Timing Experiment on board the Rossi X-Ray 
                         Timing Explorer satellite. We find that the addition of a 
                         power-law component to a thermal bremsstrahlung model is required 
                         to achieve a good fit in five of 16 observations analyzed. Using 
                         Proportional Counter Array data, we were able to track the 
                         movement of the source along the Z diagram, and we found that the 
                         presence of the hard X-ray tail is not confined to a specific Z 
                         position. However, we do observe an indication that the power-law 
                         index hardens with increasing M, as indicated from the position on 
                         the Z diagram. We find that the derived nonthermal luminosities 
                         are similar to 10% of that derived for the brightest of the atoll 
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