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                         point and non -point pollution sources. The latter is hard to be 
                         quantified and determined.I this framework,new methods using the 
                         advances in geotechnologies can represent a powerful tool to 
                         improve the estimates of non-point sources.This paper proposes the 
                         integration of watershed physical variables using the GIS 
                         technology as a tool to improve non -poi t load estimates into 
                         aquatic ecosystems. Barra Bonita reservoir watershed was selected 
                         as test site.The georreferenced database includes the following 
                         layers:drainage density,sub basin limits,distance from sub basins 
                         to the reservoir and rainfall distribution.Based uponthose 
                         variables the potential non-point pollution for each basin are 
                         computed using a multi-criteria decision technique.In the next 
                         step of the research,these data will be integrated to a model that 
                         estimates the potential pollutant export rates taking into account 
                         the various degrees of human interference in the reservoir 
                         drainage basin.",
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