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             abstract = "Electrochemical activity of doped CVD-diamond electrodes was 
                         investigated as a function of boron content connected with the 
                         films surface characteristics and morphology. A textured cloth of 
                         carbon fibers was used as a substrate with a discontinuous 
                         surface. It was treated using 0.25-mum diamond powder by 
                         ultrasound dispersion in hexane. The nucleation and coalescence of 
                         the diamond film around the fibers was evident. Boron-doped 
                         diamond electrodes have been analyzed in the range of acceptor 
                         concentrations of 10(18) and 10(21) cm(-3). Their electrochemical 
                         behavior was studied by cyclic voltammetry measurements in neutral 
                         (KCl, Na2SO4 and NaNO3) and acidic (HCl, H2SO4 and HNO3) 
                         solutions. The anodic and cathodic currents increase with the 
                         doping level and present a maximum when the electrodes reach a 
                         metallic behavior. For comparison, films grown on silicon 
                         substrate in similar conditions were also studied as standard 
                         diamond electrodes. Surface morphology and film quality was 
                         analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Raman 
                         scattering spectroscopy.",
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