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                         based on using high time resolution microwave observations, as 
                         well as the data from the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope and 
                         YOHKOH/SXT/HST, and optical data. Microwave emission revealed fine 
                         structure of emission with a typical time of about several seconds 
                         with the frequency drift of \∼ 1 GHz/s, and the structure 
                         with a typical time less than 0.1 s with the frequency drift of 
                         \∼ 10 GHz/s. Emission bands with a slow frequency drift are 
                         generated by energetic electrons subject to the cyclotron 
                         resonance condition, and the frequency drift is a consequence of a 
                         change in plasma density caused by the coalescence of magnetic 
                         structures with a typical size on the order of \∼ 108 cm, 
                         while the emission with a fast drift is generated by fluxes of 
                         energetic electrons generating emission on the Cherenkov 
                         resonance. The energetic electron fluxes are produced at the 
                         interaction of magnetic structures \∼ 106  107 cm in 
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