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             abstract = "The River Basin Anil (TRBA) currently has the largest urban area 
                         on the city of St. Louis, and is the most urbanized basin of the 
                         island of Maranh{\~a}o. Becomes paramount to qualify and quantify 
                         the impacts of land occupation by the characterization of the 
                         capacity of land use and development processes of the activities 
                         employed there. This study aimed to zone areas of environmental 
                         fragility in TRBA from the use of mathematical models such as 
                         Fuzzy Logic and Analytic Hierarchy Process - AHP and the 
                         Geographic Information System Quantum GIS tools. Data from use and 
                         land cover, population density, soils, geology, geomorphology and 
                         hypsometry, resulting in the following areas: Consolidated Urban 
                         Zone (CUZ), formed by 33,368% of the area, Conservation Zone (CZ), 
                         formed by 9,305 % and Multiple Use Zone (MUZ), the largest, 
                         consisting of 57,327% of the basin. The generated data helped in 
                         the sustainable management of the basin.",
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