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             abstract = "This paper presents a methodology for evaluation of water drops 
                         using cameras and digital image processing. Proper evaluation of 
                         water drops is an important validation resource in areas such as 
                         propagation models and meteorological radar estimates. A 
                         disdrometer using LASER, line scan cameras and so on, are commonly 
                         used for that purpose. However these instruments, usually scan a 
                         2-D sampling area. With the advance of technology faster cameras, 
                         computers, and newer algorithms for digital image processing are 
                         available to make volumetric assessment of drops. Current work 
                         develops a method and an apparatus for measuring the diameter of 
                         water drops using a low cost fast image acquisition and the 
                         asymmetric proportion of drop axis. Results demonstrated that 
                         drops are evaluated without moving distortion and geometric 
                         dephness size calibration, even at terminal velocity.",
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