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             abstract = "Parameters of vegetation structure are useful in several 
                         ecological studies and frequently used data include: canopy 
                         height, diameter at breast height, density of individuals and 
                         biomass. Ground portable LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). This 
                         is a quick method for acquiring forest data that has been recently 
                         applied to tropical forests. The aim of this study was to evaluate 
                         the potential of ground LiDAR for estimating structural parameters 
                         of forestedcampinaranas, by comparing data obtained with this 
                         equipment and data derived from conventional methods. The work was 
                         performed at Viru{\'a} National Park, where nine points of 
                         forested campinaranas were inventoried based on plots of 50 x 20 
                         m. For each plot, we measured the diameter at breast height (DBH) 
                         and the height of trees, and described the species of all woody 
                         plants with diameter at breast height (DBH) \≥ 5 cm. LiDAR 
                         data were acquired along 50-m transects and two metrics were 
                         calculated: the mean and the median of the maximum heights of the 
                         returning pulse. The results showed high correlation between 
                         forest structural parameters and data derived from LiDAR, and the 
                         best results correspond to the mean DBH and the dominant canopy 
                         height. The strongest relationships were found between the median 
                         of LiDAR data and the dominant canopy height (R2 = 0.68) and 
                         between the mean of LiDAR heights and mean DBH (R2 = 0.65). Based 
                         on the results, we can conclude that the ground portable LiDAR is 
                         an instrument with good potential for estimating structural 
                         parameters of forested campinaranas.",
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