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             abstract = "Accurate burned area information is required and of particular 
                         interest for the scientific communities dealing with land use and 
                         climate changes. This paper presents the results of a separation 
                         index M in the comparison of seven spectral indices for automatic 
                         extraction of burned area scars, tested with Landsat TM in the 
                         Cerrado (savannah) biome of Brazil. A series of six TM scenes 
                         (path/row: 221/067) covering the period of July to September 2010 
                         was used. Input images were accepted with cloud cover up to 10%, 
                         and the maximum period of time between consecutive scenes was up 
                         to 1 month. Burn scar maps were produced manually for intersection 
                         with the extraction of burned and non-burned areas from the 
                         indices. Several spectral indices were calculated: Normalized 
                         Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalized Burn Ratio Long 
                         SWIR Variation (NBRL), Normalized Burn Ratio Short and Long SWIR 
                         Variation (NBRSL), MODIS Burned Area Index Short SWIR Variation 
                         (BAIMS), MODIS Burned Area Index Long SWIR Variation (BAIML), Mid 
                         Infrared Burned Index (MIRBI) and W Index, and different 
                         approaches for multi-temporal change detection were evaluated: 
                         difference, normalized difference, relative difference and a 
                         variation of the delta difference. Results show a strong 
                         performance of the NBRSL, NDVI, NBRL, W and MIRBI indices, in 
                         combination with the variation of the delta difference. The 
                         results obtained can be considered as an important part in the 
                         development of automatic burned area extraction tools for the 
                         Cerrado region, particularly for conservation areas were sudden 
                         changes are commonly associated with fires.",
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