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             abstract = "INPE is responsible for several projects, including PRODES and 
                         TerraClass. Basically, PRODES provides annual maps corresponding 
                         to annual deforestation in Amazonia Based on a deforestation map, 
                         TerraClass provides a classification map for the deforested areas: 
                         agriculture, pasture, forest, hydrography, urban, etc. In order to 
                         build a classification map, manual classification is a cumbersome 
                         and tedious work. In this sense, automatic or semi-automatic 
                         approaches are highly desirable for classification of the 
                         deforested areas. Previous work compared different approaches by 
                         using TerraClass data from 2008 for binary classification: 
                         agriculture and non-agriculture.The present paper extends the 
                         previous work in three aspects: (1) by including recent TerraClass 
                         data from 2010; (2) by treating the multiclass case by considering 
                         3 or more classes; and (3) by considering an additional boosting 
                         approach for classification. Specifically, SVM, OPF, Naive Bayes, 
                         Decision Tree, Nearest Neighbors and a boosting technique are 
                         compared by following a k-fold cross validation.",
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