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             abstract = "This work presents an investigation of surface deformation using 
                         Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR) time-series carried out 
                         in an active open pit iron mine, the N5W, located in the 
                         Caraj{\'a}s Mineral Province (Brazilian Amazon region), using 33 
                         TerraSAR-X (TSX-1) scenes. This mine has presented surface of 
                         deformation and monitoring measurements over sectors of the mine 
                         (pit walls) have been done based on ground based radar. In order 
                         to decrease the topographic phase error a high resolution DEM was 
                         generated based on a stereo GeoEye-1 pair. The time-series 
                         analysis was performed using the 31 interferometric pairs, which 
                         were selected based on the highest mean coherence of a stack of 
                         107 interferograms, presenting less phase unwrapping errors. The 
                         time-series deformation was retrieved by the Least-Squares (LS) 
                         solution using an extension of the Singular Value Decomposition 
                         (SVD), with a set of additional weighted constrain on the 
                         acceleration deformation. The atmospheric phase artifacts were 
                         filtered out in the spacetime domain and the DEM height errors 
                         were estimated based on the normal baseline diversity. The DInSAR 
                         time-series investigation showed good results for monitoring 
                         surface displacement in the N5W mine located in a tropical 
                         rainforest environment, providing very useful information about 
                         the ground movement for alarm, planning and risk assessment.",
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