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             abstract = "The success of coffee production is intimately correlated with 
                         environmental (climate, soil type, etc) and cultural factors. In 
                         Triangulo Mineiro and Alto Paranaiba region, due the plan relief 
                         in the plateaus and the quality beverage, the area planted with 
                         crop coffee in this region has increased in recent years. This 
                         fact justifies a continuous monitoring of this crop in terms of 
                         expansion area for planning of public and private initiatives 
                         purposes. The crop coffee remains in the ground all year and for 
                         several consecutive years. So, the chance to get satellite images 
                         free of cloud cover is higher, compared to annual crops, most of 
                         which is grown in the rainy season. So, the objective of this 
                         research was to evaluate the spatial dynamics of the crop coffee 
                         in the period from 2008 to 2014, based in visual interpretation of 
                         images of the TM/Landsat-5 and OLI/Landsat-8. It was found that 
                         the crop coffee is present in only 36 of the 66 municipalities in 
                         the region. The expansion of the area of crop coffee in this 
                         period was 23.5%. The municipality of Ibi{\'a} was observed where 
                         the largest expansion of coffee crop area, with an increase of 
                         4,886 ha (135%).",
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