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             abstract = "Reservoir´s trophic level has been drastically changed due to 
                         environmental changes derived from human activities which increase 
                         eutrophication thus deteriorating the quality of surface waters, 
                         mainly in reservoirs. The monitoring of the water quality of these 
                         aquatic ecosystems helps to ensure its multiple uses while 
                         providing guidelines for public health policies. The aim of this 
                         study is to show preliminary results of a bio-optical 
                         characterization of the Ibitinga / SP reservoir, using radiometric 
                         and limnological data collected in-situ during the year 2014. This 
                         characterization is the first step for the development of 
                         analytical models which would wider the application of remote 
                         sensing images for inland water monitoring. For this bio-optical 
                         characterization field data were collected in January, March, May 
                         and July 2014 in four sampling stations distributed in the 
                         reservoir. During the field campaigns specific equipments for 
                         measuring inherent and apparent optical properties were used 
                         concurrently to water samples to determine the concentrations of 
                         optical active components (OACs) in laboratory. Results so far, 
                         showed that DOC did not vary in time. Chlorophyll-a concentration, 
                         on the other hand varies widely in time, varying from 3,72 
                         \μg/L to 180,40 \μg/L. Rrs+, weighed Kd and absorption 
                         at 440 nm indicate temporal and spatial changes in bio-optical 
                         properties of the reservoir.",
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