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                         However, it is not expected the demand for food, fiber and 
                         biofuels will stabilize or decline in the near future. Therefore, 
                         this study aimed to conduct a detailed survey on the availability 
                         and location of areas for agricultural expansion for soybeans in 
                         the Rond{\^o}nia Brazilian state. Boolean-inference techniques 
                         were used to integrate and analyze different spatial driving 
                         factors (land-use, protected areas, soil fertility, slope, 
                         temperature and precipitation), which are organized in a 
                         geographic database. Our results show that 1,975,671.92 ha acres 
                         are potentially available for agricultural expansion in the state 
                         of Rond{\^o}nia up to 2010. This area is primarily derived from 
                         secondary vegetation (53.18%) and degraded pasture (46.82%) which 
                         present medium-to-high soil fertility, are suitable for 
                         mechanization and free of land use conflicts (intersection with 
                         public lands and in accordance with the Soy Moratorium). The 
                         reintroduction of these areas to the agricultural sector could be 
                         an alternative to increase soybeans production without pressing 
                         new deforestation in this region.",
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