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             abstract = "Biomass burning affects large areas around the planet and has an 
                         important role in the Earth system due to the release of 
                         greenhouse gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere, being observed 
                         an increasing in these emissions over the last decades due to 
                         human action. However, some initiatives were proposed to reduce 
                         greenhouse gases emissions from biomass burning, for example, 
                         Green Ethanol Protocol, which proposes the end of sugarcane 
                         pre-harvest burning in S{\~a}o Paulo State - Brazil, making 
                         important to quantify the effectiveness of these proposals and 
                         their impacts on the environment. In this context, this study aims 
                         to quantify biomass burning and CO2 emissions due to sugarcane 
                         pre-harvest burning in S{\~a}o Paulo State between 2010 and 2013 
                         using the methodology based on Fire Radiative Power (FRP). The 
                         results show a significant decrease in the estimates obtained 
                         between 2010 and 2013, such as total annual CO2 emitted in 2013 
                         was 82% lower than the total annual CO2 emitted in 2010, showing 
                         that Green Ethanol Protocol presents positive results in reducing 
                         sugarcane pre-harvest burning.",
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