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             abstract = "The present work aims to present a methodology of Vector Change 
                         Analysis (VCA) as a proposal for detection and verification of 
                         changes in the geographic space promoted by human action. The 
                         chosen study area was the island of Caratateua located in the 
                         metropolitan region of Belem, which is undergoing a dynamic 
                         spatial change process in its natural geographical structure. The 
                         CVA methodology has its particularities while assessing the 
                         changes occurring on earth''s surface as it is based pixel-level 
                         changes at different time intervals. Seeking to evaluate the 
                         extension of possible anthropogenic degradation, Two (2) images, 
                         one 1984 (Landsat 5-TM) and the other from 2013 (Landsat 8-OLI) 
                         were analyzed. The results obtained by applying the VCA 
                         demonstrated that the central region of the island of Caratateua 
                         was the area concentrating the larger amount of changes. 
                         Furthermore, the data indicated a reduction in rain forest from 
                         59% to 48% and the emergence of highly exposed soil areas, 
                         associated with anthropogenic activity.",
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