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             abstract = "The second satellite of the Brazilian Space Mission of the 
                         National Institute of Space Researches (SCD2/MECB) launched on 
                         October 23, 1998 carries on board an ALBEDO experiment that use 
                         space solar cells produced in Brazil. The device acts as a sensor 
                         of light and it allows measure the direct solar radiation and the 
                         portion of this radiation that is reflected outside of Earth. This 
                         way, the experiment measures the global Earth reflectivity 
                         (albedo) through the relationship between these two values after 
                         spherical angular corrections. The author of this work during the 
                         XVI Simp{\'o}sio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto showed the 
                         first article about this subject and now this article presents the 
                         data of 2009 year. We concluded that the 2009 year had a climate 
                         stable or, in another words, the 2009 year did not have climate 
                         changing, considering the decennial pattern map (1999-2008) of 
                         albedo values measured by the Albedo Experiment of Brazilian SCD2 
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