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             abstract = "We analyzed seasonal changes in backscattering response and phase 
                         difference for main vegetation types in the Amazon v{\'a}rzea 
                         (Lago Grande de Curuai, PA) using two full-polarimetric Radarsat-2 
                         C band images from drought and flood seasons to respond two 
                         questions: 1) Are C-band polarimetric images capable of 
                         registering both hydrological and phenological changes in the 
                         amazon v{\'a}rzea? 2) Which are the most effective polarimetric 
                         attributes to quantify these sazonal changes? All PolSAR C-band 
                         derived attributes were capable of registering hydrological 
                         changes and phenological changes for herbaceous communities, but 
                         further research is needed to evaluate the effects of decidual and 
                         evergreen tree species on v{\'a}rzea forests and shrubs 
                         formations radar backscatterings, as any notable changes were 
                         perceived for these two classes. Freeman-Durden decomposition and 
                         C-matrix components were the most efficient polarimetric 
                         attributes, because of the ease of interpretation and 
                         effectiveness in registering seasonal changes. Despite the 
                         richness of information offered by the Cloude-Pottier 
                         decomposition, its components are complex and interpretation can 
                         be difficult in some situations. This paper concludes that 
                         full-polarimetric C band SAR images can be used to map and 
                         characterize unexplored v{\'a}rzea regions and/or associate these 
                         changes to both dendometric and structural attributes, in order to 
                         characterize these communities quantitatively.",
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