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             abstract = "This paper describes the concept, the architecture and the 
                         technical characteristics of a localizable PTT (Platform Terminal 
                         Transmitter) in final phase of test at INPE/CRN, as well as 
                         practical solutions implemented in its construction and the 
                         preliminary results obtained. The PTT allows to retransmit for the 
                         SCDs Brazilian Satellite family (Sat{\'e}lites de Coleta de 
                         Dados), CBERS (China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) and/or, 
                         optionally, for LEOs (Low Earth Orbit Satellites) of the NOAA, the 
                         geographic coordinates, speed and universal time data collected by 
                         the terminal. These positioning data are obtained through an 
                         associated GPS receiver. Physically, the localizable PTT is built 
                         on commercial O\&M modules and the set consists of a compatible 
                         MECB/ARGOS transmitter module and a GPS receiver module, both 
                         integrated over a proprietary interface using a low cost 
                         microcontroller device. First designed for use in the fishing 
                         vessels tracking application at PREPS program (Programa Nacional 
                         de Rastreamento de Embarca{\c{c}}{\~o}es Pesqueiras), the 
                         localizable PTT offers, additionally, four analog inputs, one 
                         digital input and a standard RS-232 serial port for connection 
                         with external sensors. The implementation of this technology 
                         offers to users of the Brazilian Data Collection System a complete 
                         set of services as a data collection and location, with similar 
                         performances and facilities provided by the North American and 
                         European localizable PTTs. Replace, with advantage, most 
                         commercial localizable platform terminal transmitters using the 
                         ARGOS Doppler shifting frequency techniques for localization.",
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