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             abstract = "In this study, we aimed to monitor the restoration process of the 
                         Permanent Preservation Area (PPA) of a spring in Southern of Minas 
                         Gerais, and to compare its development with another protected 
                         native area by means of temporal analysis. The difference between 
                         the two areas is the heterogeneity of the landscape of APP and its 
                         surrounding region. Information from images of orbital MODIS 
                         sensor and the in-situ environmental diagnosis was used to monitor 
                         the process of ecological restoration of APP since 2004, when the 
                         planting seedlings occurred. The pattern of spectral response of 
                         the spring was similar to that of semideciduous forest during 
                         rainy periods, from which we found that the advance of natural 
                         succession in the spring is taking place. Although the time series 
                         may be influenced by the PPA bounding areas of a spring, there was 
                         a relation between vegetation and rainfall index. The positive 
                         correlation between vegetation index and pluvial rainfall of all 
                         years also showed that the rainfall can influence the vegetation 
                         development. Therefore, analyses based on time series derivatives 
                         from remote sensing, related to environmental diagnosis, provided 
                         data about use and soil covering, and may contribute to the 
                         monitoring of degraded areas, mainly for PPAs surrounding 
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