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             abstract = "The Area of Environmental Protection of Pratigi is located in down 
                         south of Bahia state. In this area there is the presence of 
                         vegetation types in the Atlantic Forest threatened due to 
                         deforestation caused by the development of agricultural crops. 
                         This study aimed to evaluate the contribution of the fraction 
                         images, derived from the linear spectral mixture model and 
                         vegetation index (NDVI) images to monitor the dynamics of 
                         vegetation cover in the APA region pratigi - BA, between the years 
                         2000 2001, 2003 and 2006. The fraction images (vegetation, soil 
                         and shade or water) and vegetation index were derived from digital 
                         data from sensors TM / Landsat 5 and ETM + / Landsat 7. The models 
                         were calculated and four years later was performed the statistical 
                         per polygon and estimated the average fraction images of points 
                         under study. The vegetation index was also calculated, which can 
                         be observed changes in vegetation cover of the APA pratigi. It was 
                         found similarities between the sensitivity to changes in 
                         vegetation cover of the study area, both as models for the 
                         vegetation index.",
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